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Me, Myself & Sacramento Police Department's Violent Brutality

Cw: abuse, brutality, racism

I constantly struggle with the line between not wanting to further desensitized or traumatize, and the importance of people knowing what’s going on.

Abuse has been a regular part of my life since I was a child. Law enforcement has gone out of its way to protect my abusers every step of the way.

So it comes as little surprise that they now have become my abuser.

Law enforcement had knocked over and was starting to trample a labeled Legal Observer. When I screamed that they were trampling someone, one officer hit me with his baton, while another hit me with his bike.


When I first heard that Trump supporters were coming to the capital every weekend until the inauguration - I felt like I had to warn the surrounding (especially unhoused) community.

My first week out I watched, helplessly, as law enforcement allowed a group of white male Trump supporters to attack a queer Black woman, and then arrested her. The sound of her scream as her face was slammed into the cement and the sight of her arms and legs brutally yanked into unnatural positions while they handcuffed her will not soon leave my dreams.

I walk around every day with the weight of knowing a white man can physically or sexually assault me, in or out of a police uniform, with protection under the law.

When you see me, and the dark circles under my eyes look like midnight - Please don’t ask if I’m tired. I’m exhausted. When you see me and it looks like I got run over by a truck.

Law enforcement was clearing out an area - as I followed instructions with my hands up, officer J. Leach came up behind me and pushed me, hard. When I spun around and asked why he pushed me, he hit me with his bike.


This officer J. Leach. He thought it was okay for him to chase me down, as I was following their directive, push me then hit me with his bike. Sacramento Police Department, do you agree?


Please don’t ask if I’m okay. I’m not. I’m fighting to survive.

Some days I’m terrified that I will lose my life fighting for what’s right. Other days, to be honest, death feels like the only way I’ll actually get rest.

Crazy to know that I have received a harsher punishment from law enforcement for trying to protect my community, than the men who’ve abused me.

And it’s Crazy for me to know how many of my family members and friends still support the system that’s killing me.

Who do you protect and serve? Because it certainly isn’t Me.

When I tell you that the Sacramento Police Department is unnecessarily brutal, you might not understand what I mean. Here you can see me running away with my hands up, as directed when Officer J. Leach ran me down to put his hands (and bike) on Me. Sacramento Police Department, is this your protocol?

When I tried to help a Black woman who was being jumped by a group of white male Trump supporters, an officer grabbed and tossed me, then threatened to arrest me. I did not see law enforcement put their hands on any Trump supporters.


This is Sacramento police officer #689. He had his badge number and name covered, and refused to show it to me until I spoke with his supervisor, which is against the law. He never did show me his name. Is that okay with you Sacramento Police Department?


This is officer R. Singh he thought it was okay to put his hands on an (another) Black woman because he didn’t like what she was saying to him. Do you agree, Sacramento Police Department?