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Sacramento County's Press Event For "Safe Stay Community"

PRESS RELEASE From Sacramento County:

"Sacramento County announces its first “Safe Stay Community” for persons experiencing homelessness. The new concept community will open at 8144 Florin Road, on the corner of Power Inn and Florin at the former site of a now razed grocery store. The site will house up to 100 Pallet sleeping cabins – both single and double occupancy, bathrooms, and communal gathering spaces.

About Safe Stay Communities

Safe stay communities are temporary shelter settings with lower-barrier entry for unhoused community members to stay in a safer and more sanitary environment and receive critical services oriented towards exiting to permanent housing. These communities will include 24/7 security, case management services, areas on-site sanitation and food services and County will develop good neighbor policies for the operator and occupants. Additionally, the County is concurrently standing up Encampment Services Teams who will connect people living unsheltered into the communities and provide them with deeper connections to County behavioral health services, connection to benefits like CalFresh, CalWorks, Medi-Cal, etc., linkages to longer-term shelters, and flexible funding to help support individuals’ transition into permanent housing. Ultimately, all sites should be considered as a stepping stone to stabilize and support individuals on a pathway to permanent housing.

Pending Board of Supervisor approval, cabins will start assembling on the 8144 Florin Road lot in the middle of May, followed by additional infrastructure through the summer - we anticipate moving guests in late summer/early fall."


Pictures of Pallets in an undisclosed warehouse:

Interview with District 2 Supervisor, Patrick Kennedy:

Interview with Sacramento County Homeless Services Coordinator, Emily Halcon:

Interview with Pallet's Senior Government Affairs Manager:



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