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A Documentary

Our award-winning creative team is ready to help you create a product that will not only promote your work but also function as an entertaining, informative documentary for years to come.

Soldiers and Helicopter

Black Zebra Productions offers the unique opportunity to document and promote their specialized work through Today's most popular documentary medium: the behind-the-scenes making-of video.

From how you shot your music video to the work that goes into your live events, our team will document your world, and deliver everything from an initial concept to actual production and post, working closely with you to choose, create, and deliver elements that best tell your story.

From making-of film shorts to feature-length documentaries, here’s how Black Zebra Productions can assist you in visualizing your dream doc:

• Conception and visualization of initial ideas
• Writing, shooting, and directing storylines
• Full production and documenting services with multi-cam HD set-up
• Design animation and computer graphics
• Full post-production services (including editing, sound, color correction)
• Delivering broadcast/theatrical-ready documentaries
• Delivering documentary shorts to YouTube, cable TV, local/regional stations, and more

Our team of talented professionals wants to help you create a documentary that reflects the passion and integrity of your work!

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