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Video Production

Black Zebra Productions has a diverse roster of camera crews ranging from two-man guerrilla teams to blockbuster-scale production units and everything in between.

This creative diversity allows us to select the ideal crew for each job based on that job’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative needs. 

Black Zebra Productions camera crews handle shoots ranging from single-camera sitdown interviews to epic multi-camera shoots with a small army of production personnel in multiple locations around the world.

Black Zebra Productions supplies camera crews for:

Promo Videos

Music Videos

Independent FIlms


Corporate Videos

Brand Videos

TV Commercials

Web Commercials

Video Camera

Highly-skilled and talented professionals in every position.

Camera on Crane




Creative Directors

Art Directors


Wardrobe Stylists

Teleprompter Operations

Do you need a talented, experienced, and reliable camera crew? Start a project with us!

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