A Sincere Apology & A Call for Feedback for Accountability

On April 21, 2021 members of the Black Zebra Impact Team covered the Public Viewing of Daunte Wright that was held by Daunte Wright's family, attorney Ben Krump, Reverend AL Sharpton and his National Action Network. This was a Public event in which Press and Media from all over the world were invited, encouraged to come and had multiple setups for areas for Press to be. While we understand there were other media outlets, journalists and Press that were also there to cover the event, we recognize how the images and realness of the content was something some in our community felt we should not have covered. We sincerely apologize and want to acknowledge any trauma, discomfort and other emotions people may be feeling after watching such a raw video.

In reflection and in going forward we will be finding ways to improve how we operate and what we choose to cover.

While we covered the public viewing in hopes of evoking raw emotion to illustrate even though accountability was given in the George Floyd case, there is much more work still to be done, we recognize and apologize for missing the mark on how we choose to convey that message.

As we move forward in finding ways to improve and do better, we hope our community will find love, support and understanding as we go through some changes in the next few months. While we have chosen to take down our coverage of the public viewing, we also recognize there are those in the community who do wish to view this and we have collected a list of other media outlets you can find the coverage on:

We would also like to invite community to take some time to fill out this survey so we can reflect on our impact and connection with the community:

We thank you all for your continued support.

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